Friday, 7 October 2011

Website Rebirth

The original was launched in 2006, the worlds first website especially dedicated to providing tattoo designs in Tibetan scripts, that has lead the way in tattoo design concerning the Tibetan language and iconography ever since. 

After much deliberation and careful planning a new inkessential website is now on-line.

The new incarnation is a result of the past decade of experience of Tashi's expertise and involvement in the world of tattoo, skillfully designed and built by Tashi's brother James Mannox, also responsible for the creation of the classical art website

You may find the new inkessential website much more informative regarding the mystery of the different Tibetan script styles and their meaning, with beautiful calligraphy examples and advise of how these best interpret as tattoo designs. Never before has the rich diversity of the Tibetan written language been exemplified in such detail.

Tashi has also taken great care to explain the sacred significance and the right use of mantras, which have become a popular tattoo choice and can all to easily be misused. 

Ordering a bespoke tattoo design is made easier in four simple steps, as the complexity of the many combinations of the different script styles of words that can be translated is endless.

An overview of the new website:

The Landing Page of inkessential welcomes the viewer with a slide show of actual tattoos previously designed by Tashi, that may inspire and highlight the variation and possibilities of Tibetan calligraphy for tattoos.

For the historical background and advise concerning sacred mantras of Tibetan Calligraphy, the Sacred Integrity page may be found most informative. 

Examples of the several different Tibetan script styles are illustrated with explanation on the Tibetan Scripts page, as well as guidelines for tattoo design in the different script styles and common FAQ's. 

To order a personal tattoo design, four easy stages can be followed on the Bespoke Design page, completing an order form that communicates to Tashi the main elements of a tattoo design. This page also offers a slide show of different Tibetan script combinations and possibilities concerning tattoo design.

To learn more of the background of Tashi Mannox, a short biography is offered on the About the Artist page. There is also a list of of useful links to affiliated tattooist around the world who come suitably recommended for their outstanding skill and appreciation of Tibetan Calligraphy.

Over the past years Tashi has built up an archival wealth of classical designs that are popular to many, such designs are available from the on-line Design Store that can be instantly purchased and sent as a high resolution digital image. The Design Store also has available Tashi's limited edition art prints of a superb quality as well as a few available original calligraphy master pieces, as shown on

The above photo shows Tashi at work creating Tibetan calligraphy tattoo designs. These are typically presented on high quality A4 size water colour paper, each hand signed and sealed with the artists personal seal. Such pieces provide not only a precise image as a tattoo template, but also make an attractive art piece for the wall.


  1. can u said me plisa, what is the tibetan script for: everything happens for a reason please! :D

    1. Hi Jessica,
      You may find what you are looking for in my archive of Classic Tattoo designs in the link below.
      By selecting on of the design will place it in your shopping cart that when purchased can be downloaded from your account with as a high resolution digital image that will print clearly as a tattoo template: