Monday 16 March 2009

Tibetan tattoo designs - Costumer satisfaction

༄། ཁབ་གཙགས་རི་མོ།

Many of the below tattoo designs and similar are available as high-resolution down-loads which can be printed and taken to your tattooist as a quality tattoo template. Please follow this link to browse over 400 classic tattoo designs of mantras, Key words, meaningful phrases and iconic symbols, in a choice of the various beautiful Tibetan script styles, that offer inspiring and empowering options for your personal tattoo.

The three mantras of the three Great Bodhisattvas: Avalokiteśvara, Manjushri and Vajrapani of lovingkindness, wisdom and protection. Available from Here 
Here shown vertically stacked in the Drutsa script style, inked by Tin Tin's in Paris.

Summer is the time of year for tattoos to be seen. Here is the Pani mantra of protection in the Tibetan  Petsug script style. This design and many others are available exclusively from

Hi Tashi,

I just recently had your Mani Mantra design tattooed on my forearm. I am so happy with it and it is a beautiful reminder to me in every moment. Thanks for your amazing work. So glad I happened upon your site.

Missy Gardner 

The words "Clear Awareness"
in the Tibetan Uchen script.
Uchen dot effect armband.
Tibetan calligraphy that translates as "may all beings be happy", tattoo inked by Damien Voodoo of Divine Canvas, London.

Click here for tattoo designs

'Great bliss' Tsugmakhyug script style 
aligned vertically.
Click here for tattoo designs

zhi 'jam - meaning quiet, tranquil, peaceful, gentle.
Tsugtung script style.

Hi Tashi,

I just got this one framed.  Looks great behind glass!


The Mani Mantra vertically 'stacked' in the Uchen script.

Mind and Body tattooed in the Horyig seal script.
Design artwork by Tashi mannox, inked by Seymour Kaniho of Black Wave Tattoo in Los Angeles

armbands of Uchen script

Hello Tashi,
Back in 2006 you created a tattoo that read "form is emptiness and emptiness is form". It took about a year but I finally got it inked. Since then Ive the opportunity to travel twice to India and Nepal and do some volunteer work in Dharmsala and Calcutta. My first trip I kept them out of sight mostly. On my second trip, I wasn't so careful. I had so many positive comments from both monks and lay people alike while I was there. I would meet people for conversational English practice and it was quite the ice breaker.

Thank You!
Chris D

Tibetan forearm tattoo of Sarah Harding.
Unfortunately the tattooist who inked Sarah forgot a vowel sign that sits above the line of text, this now means that the spelling of the word 'heart' without this vowel sign is meaningless, make out the difference by comparing to the original design below.

The original design for Sarah Harding by Tashi Mannox:
Meaning 'courage' or 'Strength of heart' in Dru-tsa script style.

Hum character in the Uchen script.
Hi Tashi

I wanted to send you this picture of the beautiful 'hum' that you designed for me, which I proudly displayed on my wedding day as it is stunning and there is no reason to hide such beauty!

Kind Regards

The word Compassion in an ornamented Drutsa script wraps an existing dove tattoo.

Here is an image of my fantastic new tattoo. I'm very happy with it, and I also enjoy the many compliments I receive regarding its loveliness.

Thank you again for the service you offer and your wonderful work.

Take care,
Stephanie Trevor

A good example of the Uchen script tattooed in a dot effect.

Click here for tattoo designs

The Mantra of Green Tara spans handsomely across the top of the back in the Uchen script style, here the heading character, vowel signs and ending lines are highlighted in red, an attractive rendition as much as a traditional option in the world of Tibetan calligraphy.

Tashi and Eric, You are both Master Artists and Gentlemen.

I LOVE the final result and I am deeply grateful to both of you.
Thank you for your consideration, care, attention and expertise.
Thank you very very much.

Brad Allan

"Mind made" stacked in the Drucha script style flowing perfectly with the definition of the body form.

Hey Tashi,

Attached is a picture of the tattoo. I LOVE it, and the artist was really impressed by your work.
He wanted all of your website info.
The guy who did it here was Bart Willis, Austin Texas.

Thanks again, really appreciate the artwork.


The Medicine Buddha Mantra arranged 'stacked' vertically in the Classical Uchen script.

To become peacefully calm
in the Dru-tsa script style
vertically aligned.
Hi Tashi,
I had the "Peacefully calm" tattoo done on my back, and I love it!
Thanks again for all your help!

The Mani mantra syllables "Om Ma Ni PehMe Hum" arranged in their respective colours on a lotus Mandala design by Tashi Mannox, in its center is the seed syllable Hri.

Jami wrote:
I recently lost my brother… tragically and entirely too soon. He had what appeared to be symbols tattooed on his back. One of our last conversations was regarding his tattoo. He wanted me to guess its meaning. I didn’t get a chance to get the answer from him.
It wasn’t until later that I found he was studying Buddhism, and a little research led me to your website where I found the Mani Mantra. I appreciate that you explain its sacred meaning and where it should be placed if tattooed on the body.

Thank you for the answer and giving me a little bit of peace!

"Cyclic existence (samsara)"
in Horyig seal script

Hi Tashi,

It was a pleasure (and considerable challenge) to tattoo this design. Your artwork was very clean and precise - excellent work!


Scorpion Studios, Houston TX.

The Mani mantra of Christopher Hackett
in Uchen script with heading character
vowel signs and ending lines in blue.

Hi Tashi - I receive inquiries and compliments daily on your beautiful calligraphy. One day, I was working with a visitor at my gym and he said "oh, the Mani Mantra". I asked how he knew it and he told me that he used to carve Mani stones. As he left to begin his workout, he thanked me and said that my tattoo inspired him and made him feel good about the day - an equally inspiring encounter for me.

Be well,
Chris Hackett

The inking of the Mani mantra in the Uchen script style shows the tattoo process from applying the fine line-work on the purple transfer, which is made from the original artwork, then blocking in to the finished tattoo.
When tattooing calligraphy, of any tradition and language, it is important to find a tattooist who is talented with a steady hand to tattoo good clean straight line-work to be blocked in, this is essential for a sharp and attractive calligraphy tattoo.

Hi Tashi,

I finally got the Mani mantra tattoo so thought I would send some photos your way.

I had it inked by Pepa at Bohemian Tattoo Arts - He knew what it was as soon as he saw the design so that put me at ease. He did an amazing job, the line work is so straight and clear and I have been getting some great comments and plenty of people asking about it's meaning.

I just wanted to say thank you again for your assistance in selecting this design and also the information about using this sacred mantra respectfully,


The Mani mantra in the
Classical Uchen script style

Javi of Jolie Rouge in London at work on James Scurry.
"Hi Tashi,

Just a quick email to say 1000 thank you's for my tattoo designs, which I am absolutely in love with. Despite it being a year since you created the two pieces of artwork for me - 'Non-hate' and 'Humility' - I did finally get around to getting myself inked up in North London this weekend. The designs run vertically downwards on the underside of each of my arms. Everyone who sees them thinks they're stunning.

I can't thank you enough for these two incredible artworks, suffice to say I feel extremely privileged to be wearing designs on my body that only a handful of people in the world are able to create, even fewer of whom are able to do so with such grace, elegance and love.

The practice of 'humility' and 'non-hatred' is something I intend to develop within myself for the rest of my life; and now, should I ever have a lapse in focus, all I will need to do is glance down at my arms to see the beautiful reminder in inimitable Tibetan script.

To any readers of this blog contemplating commissioning a design from Tashi, I would say, that you will find nothing anything like this anywhere else in the world. You will have something truly beautiful to cherish for the rest of your life.

With warmest regards

Incorporated "Eh-Vam" tattoo by Joe Munroe. Click here to learn the meaning of this sacred Sanskrit character.

Michael Ferranti, an Ayurvedic doctor was given his personal dharma name "Tenzin Woeser" meaning the holder of illumination/light by H.H Dali Lama, this name he then commissioned Tashi to create in the Horyig seal script style, the seal was then adapted for a tattoo and inked meticulously with the dot effect by visiting Jondix of Barcelona at the New York Adorned tattoo studio in Brooklyn.

Yoni Zilber of New York Adorned, Brooklyn New York, tattoos Patulia Mattioli from Italy.
Patulia's new tattoo is a combination of three different Tibetan script styles that translates as 'courageous' or more literally 'courage of heart'. This particular design is based on one of Tashi's major calligraphy art pieces from his Contemporary and Traditional Tibetan Calligraphy series.

If you require the use of one of Tashi's calligraphy art pieces, as shown on his website, Please contact Tashi to seek permission (in respect the international copyright law). For a release fee, Tashi may oblige by sending a high resolution jpeg image of the requested artwork, this can then be printed and taken to your tattooist as a quality template.


Drucha roundel
Hello Tashi,

Here are a couple of photos of the design as a tattoo. I love it and i'm going through the healing process.Many thanks for the beautiful design.

Namaste, Sandra

A proud costumer frames his calligraphy art piece after the design is tattooed to his forearm, the Dru-tsa script reads "family strength".

Uchen script with vowel signs and heading high-lighted in red, translate as 'Tigli' life essence, 'Karma' the law of cause and effect.
Hi Tashi,
We finally did our tattoo in January, and here is a picture of both of it (me and my husband...)
Thanks again for the wonderful calligraphy.

The syllable Om in Wartu Sanskrit. Calligraphy: Tashi Mannox. 

Mani Mantra in High Uchen script.

Tashi -
Here's the finished product. It looks amazing. Thank you so much for your beautiful art!
Des Plaines, IL

The words "love,family,happiness" in the Drutsa script style, turned and aligned vertical.

The Mani Mantra calligraphed by Tashi Mannox in the Uchen script style, background of flames in the signature dot effect by tattooist Xed Le Head.

Lanza Sanskrit syllables Om Ah Hum by Tashi, applied by Xed Le Head surrounding floral pattern in a dot effect.

Dot effect tattoo by Jondix of Barcelona, calligraphy in Tsugtung script style by Tashi Mannox. This is a famous quote by the Tibetan saint Milarepa which translates as "to live and die without regret".

Medicine Buddha Mantra encircling the seed syllable Hum, all in Uchen script.


Four hour sitting done yesterday with this as the results...

Thank you so much for doing the design it looks awesome and I couldn't
be happier with how it turned out.


Hello Tashi,
First of all i would like to tell you that i absolutely love the artwork!!! Its more beautiful then i expected. I am proud that this is going to be on my body. So feel free to post the final artwork because i couldn't ask for anything better.
With best wishes,

Known as The Glorious Eternal Knot, this image has great symbolic significants which is said to have derived from the Hindu image of joy, the Swastika.
"For Tibetans, the endless knot is the classic sign for tendrel, the way in which reality exists. The intertwinding of the lines reminds us of how all phenomena are intertwined and dependent on causes and conditions. The whole is comprised of a pattern closed in on its self with no gaps, which at once expresses motion and rest, all in a representation form of great simplicity and fully balanced harmony."

The above is an extract from the book "Buddhist Symbols in Tibetan Culture" Wisdom publications. Explaining The Eternal knot is one of the Eight Auspicious Symbols.

The above designs shows the addition of interlocking 'ribbon' clouds in a pleasing composition, extending across the upper back and shoulders.

The Medicine Buddha mantra, pronounced:
"Tayta Om Bekenze Bekenze Ma Ha Bekenze Ra Sa Samut Gati Swa Ha"

Uchen script style calligraphy.
Hi Tashi,
I finally got my tattoo this past weekend. It looks great.. thanks again.

i love it!!!

The Medicine Buddha mantra in the Uchen script style, written horizontally, as all Tibetan, here turned on its side to appear vertically down the torso.

Calligraphy by Tashi Mannox, Tattoo inked by Yoni Zilber of New York Adorned, NYC. 

Two identical roundels in the Dru-tsa script, with red highlighted vowel signs.
This translates literally as "not become two" in other words "to become one" inseparable.

Thank you again for working with us, the whole thing turned out exactly
as we wanted - although it became a totally different placement on the
body then we initially thought :) This design and tattoo exactly
reflects what we feel and it is an honour to have it on our body's.

Lot's of thanks and love!

Juliët and Melle.

The words "Great magic" in the Tibetan Dru-tsa script style, commissioned and modeled by Magdalena.

Hello Tashi, I'm happy to send you the images of my wonderful 'Impermanence' tattoo, it's a great opportunity to thank you again, I'm so pleased with the result. I have several tattoos, it's most certainly my favorite :) Best wishes to you, Galia.

The word 'Impermanence' in the Drucha script style, arranged stacked vertically to accommodate the wrist area.

The Mani mantra in the Drucha script style, back ground in blue water and red/orange flame line designs.


That looks absolutley amazing!!!!
Thank you so much!

That is more than I even hoped for. I thik it's going to look beautiful.
I'm 100% happy with it! that looks really really fantastic. Perfect!!

From: Gavin Greaves

Xed le Head applies the words 'Great Blisss' in the Tsugmakhyug script style.

Hi Tashi,

We finally got hold of Xed through a friend and had the mantra
tattooed last night. Xed is very good and very friendly.

Please see attached photos.

I had a very interesting dream last night and I have a feeling it's
the energy of you and the mantra, hope you don't mind I am telling you.



The Mani mantra: Om M
a Ni Pehme Hum, in the Sanskrit Wartu script style.

Hi Tashi
Attached are photos of the Tattoo. I went to "Into You". Basically Chris, there d
id it and he reckoned that it would look better all black. So thats what I went with. I am really chuffed.

This is the tattoo
healed. After the scabbing at things. Final Article

Thanks again

VajraPani Mantra of protection placed vertically in a stacked Drucha script style.

Hi Tashi
I recently bought a jpeg image of the Pani Mantra from you. I just wanted to let you know that I have had it tattooed on my back and it looks stunning !!!

Thank you so much for your help ( and patience, as I know I was quite awkward when it came to choosing a design !!)

Thanks once again, I shall certainly be recommending you to anyone interested in Tibetan script !


Tsugring script Mani mantra

Hi Tashi, I received the art works today, I must say your work is beautiful and i am very humbled and thankful.
I look forward to getting these put onto my body, and iam very glad that I choose yourself to do these art works which mean so much to me, and they are perfect!
I will definitely recommend you to anyone else seeking these types of works and if I ever need any more designs done again I will definitely be in contact again.

Once again thank you very much and all the best to you in the future.
Kind regards, Steve

The Mani mantra arranged circular, the seed syllable 'Hri' sits appropriately in the center.

Hi Tashi,
I hope you are well. I wanted to send this pic for you to see how nicely your work turned out. I am very pleased with it, it brings me contentment and loving kindness, and I have received a compliment on it at least once a week since having it done; when asked what it means, I start with who did the brushwork on the original...
Peace and serenity Tashi,
All the best
Mike Godfrey

Hello Tashi,

Yoni Zilber completed the tattoo of the Mani Mantra a few days ago. Attached is a picture of the completed tattoo (as you can see, I am still healing).
The result is exactly as I envisioned. I am fortunate to be the recipient of the collaboration of two wonderful artists.
Thank you for creating such a beautiful work of art for me.

I hope that I will be able to meet you on your next visit to New York.

Christopher Hackett

Ohh man... you are a saviour, thank you so much, i love this tattoo.
"to live and die without regret" in the Tsugtung script.

Charlie, UK.

A back tattoo in the Phags-pa seal script, there are very few people in the world with such a script as a tattoo.

Dear Tashi,

The design looks absolutely incredibly fantastic! the pictures on your website don't do the justice to your artistic skill. thank you so very much for such a beautiful design.

Also, i'm grateful to you for offering to mail the art work. Upon reflection, i would love the calligraphy to hang on my wall.

Tashi Craig.

A handsome example of the Mani mantra: 'Om Ma Ni Pehme Hum' in the Uchen script with red vowel signs and heading character. Here dramatically placed on the torso.

A tribute tattoo in honor of this clients brother who was killed in a road accident, Mark Robinson, who had already the red tattoo which translates as "live strong" in the Uchen script style. Marks' brother, pictured here, had a copy made of this design plus adding to the other arm "live wrong" which was Marks original intended tattoo.

A happy costumer ! her tattoo reads "inner truth" in the Drucha script style.

Frankly, after about one year wanting to have a tattoo, doing many research on it, finding you and the tattooist Durga of Indonesia, for me is truly overwhelming and the result is just parfect in my eyes. Both of you truly make me happy.
Thanks again and wish you the very best. I am officially one of your happy clients :)

with Best regards,


Dear Tashi,

Your art work is absolutely amazing! I'm extremely interested in having a tattoo designed, and am hoping you'll be able to make one for me.
I am looking for the Pani mantra, written in the Uchen script stacked vertically for my back.
When I researched my tattoo ideas, it was by far the most interesting and informative site i have found. The pics of other tattoos are awesome!

Phil LoPresti,

New Hampshire,


  1. hi Tashi, my name is lorena, for many years I wanted to tattoo a Tara mantra around my low an spiral..and I never found the proper way...
    Hi from Madrid

  2. my name is peggy, i am very interested in having you translate and design a tattoo for me in Tibetan ,written in the Uchen script arranged vertically for my back
    "angel of hope" and any wings or angle beside on it

  3. Hello Lorena and Peggy,

    Please get in touch with me via my email:
    and i would be very happy to attend to your requests providing you with the suitable artwork for your tattoo.

    With Kind Regards,


  4. Dear Tashi Mannox,

    Excellent & Fantastic tattoo designs.
    Do you also undertake designing work for tattoos done in languages other than Tibetan?
    I am NOT asking for translation but designing work.
    Many of my clients require their translations in calligraphic fonts.


  5. Thank you again Tashi.

    I smile every time I look at my arm. Looking forward to the next one!

  6. Thaks for the nice redesign of the back tattoo I wanted.

    It turned out fantastic!

  7. Hi Tashi,
    The desing in tsugtung script with tibetan style skull, water, fire, clouds and flowers is beautiful.
    I wonder to know what is the meaning of the words.

    Could you please tell me?

    Thank you.

    Pablo, from Buenos Aires.

  8. thank you Pablo,

    The words in this particular piece translateas as "blessed in perfect inperfection"


  9. Hi, Tashi la

    I have a quick question. Is it disrespectful to put an endless knot tattoo on the side of your leg near your calf muscles?

    Thanks in advance,


  10. Hi Tashi,

    I'm getting a tibetan script tattoo, I live in London. Where would you suggest for me to get my tattoo. As its my first I want it to be perfect.

    Thank You


  11. Rengin... go to Divine Canvas on the Caledonian Rd:

    BEst place to get Tibetan text tattooed.

  12. I want to get the "impermanence" tattoo in Phags Pa script, possibly in a form of a dagger. Would you please design a tattoo for me? Thank You.

  13. Hi Tashi,
    My name is laura, i really like the tibetan writing i had a tattoo a while ago in tibetan and it was my daughters name i have since then had another daughter and would like her name also in tibetan her name is scarlett Many Thanks and hope to here from you soon

  14. hy i am looking for a tattoo and i hope that you can help mee..i like the vertical tattoo but i want something like a prayer in tibetan Tsugtung script.
    my yahoo id you

  15. rad stuff man. my name is benji and i recently got the seed sylable ka which represents the buddhist figure known in japan as jizo on my torso. you should check out my blog. i'm an illustrator and i put up alot of buddhist related work

  16. Hello I was wondering if someone could tell me what the first and the last symbol represents in the Mani Mantra with the blue detailing means that "Christopher Hackett" has on his forearm. Thank you

  17. Sure, go to

    and find a full explanation of the heading character.

  18. Hello, Your work is amazing!
    I was wondering how small it is possible to have tibetan writing without it being unreadable

  19. Hello,
    Your work is amazing! i'd really like a design which is to go on my rib cage/inner arm which means, "karma is inescapable"
    please email me on
    kind regards

  20. Dear Sir. Your work is beautiful.


  21. Hi Tashi !I love your work ! Never seen anything like this,So beautiful :)
    If is not to much maybe I could ask for your help by designing me a word meaning *Right to be different * Or similar ...for my forearm ...It will mean so much to me !! Thank you :))

  22. Dear Emma

    You need to contact me after viewing my website
    Which explains the bespoke design process and gives advise and examples of the different Tibetan script styles.
    you can then contact me on

    i look forward to hearing from you

    with warm regards


  23. hello sir, im amazed with all this work, can you help me with this script. you are only limited by what you limit yourself? please help me with this i would love to have it on my forearm. thanks!

  24. Hey Tashi
    I would like to know the meaning of the 3rd picture of missy gardners tattoo. I've seen this tattoo in many places but can never find out what it stands for. Thank you -jossie brooks

  25. Dear Jossie

    The design you are interested in is the Mani mantra of lovingkindness, this is available as a high resolution purchased download from

    I have located the exact image here:

    with kind regards