Saturday, 28 March 2009

How to use a seal

photography by Sam Webb.

In todays business climate of product identity, a seal design can be just as relevant as a logo, as the above photo shows used on business cards and even as a cell phone screen saver.

The Traditional use of a seal is to authenticate a letter, document or artwork, this is normally adjoined to ones personal signature by clipping the end of the written name. The signature and seal impression is usually placed down in the bottom right corner of the paper, which is considered humble place at the very end of the document. It is also customary to state the date on the day the letter or document is signed, placed next to the signature and seal.

There is also a simple code to communicate ones mood at the time of signing off a letter or document. This is delivered with the angle in which the seal is stamped in relation to the piece of paper. This purposeful act can tell a lot about ones intention in relation to the person or organization to letter or document is intended for.

Traditionally this is stamped in a vermilion red colour, which not only gives an attractive contrast to the written text, but also conveys a more positive intention. Sometimes the seal is impressed using a black colour, which was considered more negative, or at least dryly official.

Below is an example of how the suitably place a seal in relation to the bottom right corner of the paper.

  • angled left into the paper conveys a happy positive message.
  • straight conveys a neutral message.
  • angled right, out of the paper conveys a more unfavorable message.

Here is an example of the use of a seal on a letter from the 13th Dalai Lama, showing His personal seal attached to his name.

If you would like to commission a bespoke seal design from Tashi for your own personal use or to represent a company or organization, please follow the link here.


  1. thank you for this information! I can't wait to make my own seal :)

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  3. I have ancient tibetan seal too !

  4. Thank you for your site, the video, your art work. Refreshing, validating, deeply inspiring. I'll share your site with others. Namu.