Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Tibetan Calligraphy Retreat 2015

The majestic view of Hay Bluff from New Inn Brilley.

Tibetan Calligraphy Retreat with Tashi Mannox

14th – 22nd August 2015

-- Limited Spaces still available --

Tashi presents a unique opportunity to thoroughly learn the art of Tibetan handwriting in the conducive and beautiful border countryside of Wales.

During the eight-day calligraphy meditation retreat, Tashi will instruct how to properly construct the classical Uchen script, from the foundation of the alphabet through to the many subjoined letters, onto forming words and sentences in a coherent and beautiful formation. The remaining days of the course will focus on forming traditional mantras as well as seed syllables as a useful aid to Buddhist visualisation practices.

There will also be meditation instruction and daily sitting practice that will help calm and prime the mind for the optimum approach and application, which is considered at the core of learning and creativity.

For the more dedicated practitioner, this course provides a discipline that lays a firm foundation in the art of Tibetan calligraphy. Suitable for beginners as well as those who wish to improve their already acquired handwriting skills.

It would be helpful for first-timers to at least become familiar with the Tibetan alphabet before attending the course.

If this calligraphy retreat proves successful, it may become an annual event that focuses on one of the several different Tibetan script styles with each year. 

Location: The blessed abode of Karma Dechen Choling at New Inn Brilley is situated on the Welsh, Herefordshire border. Described as being ‘unique, authentic and a little bit quirky’ it has magnificent views across the Wye valley toward the majestic Black Mountains of the Brecon Beacon National Park, that evokes an ideally peaceful retreat atmosphere of clarity and focus.

Alastair Sawday B&B award winning New Inn at Brilley offers a variety of charming accommodation options to suite most needs, from camping, shared dormitories of 'Angels', 'Heaven and Earth' and the 'Self-catering suite' (though you will be catered for during the retreat) to the luxury of double bedrooms in the old Inn. Please see price tariff below. To choose the type of accommodation you would be most comfortable with, please look into the website of New Inn Brilley.

Please note that the Rising Sun and Wagon accommodation is not available in the calligraphy retreat package, all other accommodation types have been kindly offered at a 20% concession, making the course more affordable for all.

It may also be possible to book accommodation before and after the official course schedule, however costs will be at the regular prices as stated on the New Inn Brilley website.

There are also local B&B’s within a few minutes drive as well as many more in the near-by picturesque town of Hay-on-Wye, see below for course fees for ‘Attending course from outside of New Inn’.

All-inclusive prices for whole 8-day course per person:
  • One person in double room - £590.  booking deposit: £236 GBP
  • Two people sharing same double - £480 each. booking deposit: £192 GBP each.
  • Single in dormitory - £492. booking deposit: £197 GBP
  • Camping - £346. booking deposit: £138 GBP
  • Attending course from outside of New Inn - £299. booking deposit: £120 GBP

Meals and refreshments are included in the course fee. Please let known any special dietary requirements prior to your visit. Food will be vegetarian.

To book: Please contact Tashi by email to check availability and secure your place. Course capacity and accommodation is limited. A booking deposit of 40% is required as indicated above. Remaining paid within one months prior to arrival.

How to get there: By public transport, the nearest Local train station is Hereford with direct links from London Paddington. Across from Hereford station concourse is a local 39 bus, Brecon service*1 alight at Hay-on-Wye, taxi*2 ride of 8 minutes from Hay-on-Wye to New Inn at Brilley. Please follow the link for map and directions by car. 

What to bring: As the British weather is unpredictable, you may need clothing to suit cooler wet days to pleasant hot dry days, so flip flops and Wellington boots.

Please bring personal art materials, such as calligraphy pens*3, a straight rule, pencil, pencil-sharpener and eraser. Three to four A3 size pads preferably water-colour paper is advised, as working on a larger scale is better for learning and for best results.

3* Suggested pens can be a range of different size italic felt tip calligraphy pens, or more professional Pilot Parallel Pens in a range of different nib sizes, available on the Internet with ink cartridges.

2*  Local Taxi: Mike 07881 726547 

Course Program:
Arrive by Friday evening or early Saturday morning before 10 am.

Saturday 15th
8 am sitting meditation followed by breakfast between 8.30 and 9.30 am.
10 am Welcome and Introduction talk.
11.30 tea-break
11.50 calligraphy session.
1 – 2 pm lunch
2.30 calligraphy session
4 pm tea-break
4.20 pm Meditation explanation and practice.
7 pm supper and free time until bed.

Daily Schedule:
8 am sitting meditation followed by breakfast between 8.30 and 9.30 am.
10 am calligraphy session.
11.30 tea-break
11.50 calligraphy session.
1 – 2 pm lunch
2.30 calligraphy session
4 pm tea-break
4.20 pm meditation and calligraphy practice/talk.
7 pm supper and free time until bed.

Saturday 22nd
8 am sitting meditation followed by breakfast between 8.30 and 9.30 am.
10 am calligraphy practice.
11.30 tea-break
11.50 calligraphy practice.
1 – 2 pm lunch
2.30 conclusion talk
4 pm tea-break
4.20 pm meditation and free style calligraphy demonstration.
7 pm supper and free time until bed.

Sunday 23rd
8 am sitting meditation followed by breakfast between 8.30 and 10 am.
Depart New Inn Brilley before 12 noon.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Tibetan calligraphy course in London.

Learn the art of Tibetan handwriting in the Classic Uchen script style with Tashi Mannox. This is a weekend course suitable for first-timers as well as those already practiced in Tibetan writing. 

Situated at the delightful premises of Samye Dzong London, Spa Road, Bermondsey. on the weekend of the 25th - 26th July 2015. Please follow the link here to reserve a place on the course.

As an introduction, Tashi will also give a public talk on the role of calligraphy and art within Dharma 7:00 - 8:30 pm on Friday 24th July 2015.

If you wish to further your skills in Tibetan calligraphy there is also an opportunity to fully learn during this summer August Calligraphy/meditation retreat in the beautiful and peaceful setting of the Welsh borders. Please follow the link here for more information.  

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Tibetan Calligraphy in Moscow

From the 24th October to 3rd November 2014, Tashi Mannox will be in Moscow to open his first solo exhibition in Russia as well as to lead a Tibetan calligraphy course and well as other public talks.

For more information about the program of events and to book a place on the calligraphy course, please visit the website of the 'Foundation of Contemplative Studies'. who are hosting Tashi during his short stay in Moscow.

The exhibition shows several original art pieces and limited edition prints that span his 15 years of creativity within the art world can be seen at the "Two Empires" gallery on Voznesensky, a side-street just minutes from Red Square at the very heart of Moscow.

On Sunday 2pm, November 2nd Tashi will give a lecture on 'The Art of Tibetan calligraphy' at the prestigious Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy
Tashi has been a long term participant with the Contemporary Calligraphy Museum whom during this time will show a number of other of Tashi's art pieces that have been both donated and on loan with the Museum since 2008.