Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Tibetan Calligraphy in Moscow

From the 24th October to 3rd November 2014, Tashi Mannox will be in Moscow to open his first solo exhibition in Russia as well as to lead a Tibetan calligraphy course and well as other public talks.

For more information about the program of events and to book a place on the calligraphy course, please visit the website of the 'Foundation of Contemplative Studies'. who are hosting Tashi during his short stay in Moscow.

The exhibition shows several original art pieces and limited edition prints that span his 15 years of creativity within the art world can be seen at the "Two Empires" gallery on Voznesensky, a side-street just minutes from Red Square at the very heart of Moscow.

On Sunday 2pm, November 2nd Tashi will give a lecture on 'The Art of Tibetan calligraphy' at the prestigious Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy
Tashi has been a long term participant with the Contemporary Calligraphy Museum whom during this time will show a number of other of Tashi's art pieces that have been both donated and on loan with the Museum since 2008. 

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