Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Many Mani Digital

The Mani mantra © Tashi Mannox 2000

Shortly after leaving the monastery at the dawn of the new millennium; Tashi put his brush to paper and created a calligraphy of the Mani mantra, oṃ maṇi padme hūṃ. an obvious topic choice for a calligraphy considering the meaningful depth of the Mani mantra and the blessing it so powerfully exudes, equally so, the form of the letters were a test of his abilities to create well with a brush, a challenge that engages Tashi until this day.

Entering the digital world with Tashi's first website in 2002, he published the above piece as part of his art collection, little did he know the extent to which this particular image has been copied and reproduced, published on multiple blogs and websites, often unknown by the authors who the original creator of the image is. It seems it has become a popular example of the Mani mantra, admired by many and quite righty so, as it is said that by merely seeing or hearing the Mantra creates an auspicious connection to what is ultimately pure. (see Pure Perception)

The Mani mantra © Tashi Mannox 2005

By 2005 Tashi had created other calligraphy pieces of the Mantra, one of which as a workshop demonstration and explanation of it's meaning during his 're-newal' exhibition in New York City 2002, this piece was sold while the ink was still wet on the paper.
While in South Italy in 2005, Tashi created the above calligraphy, which perhaps a little more orderly than his first attempt in 2000. This image was published on the well known 'Visible Mantra' website in 2007 and has since become top of the list when searching for images of the 'Mani mantra' in a web browser, this has also become a popular reproduced image.

The Mani mantra © Tashi Mannox 2010

More recently in 2010, Tashi created the above calligraphy of the Mani mantra with the addition of the seed syllable hri.