Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Homage to Green Tara.

A delightful line drawing of Green Tara by the master of Tibetan arts Sherab Palden Beru.

The above image shows a 'prayer flag' of Green Tara, who is surrounded by a longer prayer called the '21 Praises of Tara'. 
It is one of the first calligraphy pieces created by Tashi when he was a novice monk during the 1980's. The beautiful line drawing of Tara was the initial inspiration to create the prayer flag, placing the image of Tara as the centre piece of this invocation prayer.

© Tashi Mannox 2022
The seed syllable Tam of Green Tara, here seated on an open lotus flower. 

Short prayer to Green Tara 
©Tashi Mannox 2022
This short supplication prayer to Tara that can be repeated much like a mantra, normally recited many times over at the end of the 21 praises and before the actual mantra of Tara, shown below.

The prayer translates as:

Jetsun Pagma Drolma take heed, 
Protect me from fear and suffering.

'Jetsun Pagma Drolma' is the Tibetan name of green Tara.

The above calligraphy called 'Green Tara Prayer' by Tashi Mannox is also available as beautiful limited addition prints in two sizes, if you are interested in ordering a print you may find more information here.

© Tashi Mannox 2022
The Mantra of Green Tara in the Uchen script: 

oṃ tāre tuttāre ture svāhā

This Green Tara mantra is available in many of the different Tibetan script styles as well as Tara's 'tam' syllable on lotus design on the new Tashi Mannox store.

Mangalam.... May everything be Auspicious !!


  1. Hi Tashi - it is a great joy and inspiration to look at your sublime beutefull calligraphies! On behalf of our recently new started tibetan buddhist temple in Aarhus, (the next biggest city in Denmark), I would like to aske you, if you would fell like making a logo for our new center 'Ösal Ling', which we translate in Danish to:*Garden of Light'. And if you should have time and feeling for making a logo for Ösal Ling, how much will it possible cost, as we only have a little money.
    In hope to hear from you, best wishes in the Dharma from Ösal Ling and Mette.
    PS: We have a homepage in Danish: and our email is:

  2. Ah Ah Ah!


    Leonardo Anfolsi

  3. I am very sad to see that most of the sites showing the Tibetan tara have been affected by unpleasant computer viruses.

    It would be good to see more images of the green and the white

  4. men I like the design of the goddness to be a future tatto in my back, but in my case I will put the figure of the goddness sit in that Lottus bloom.

  5. Amazing stuff, usually is very interesting because many "gods" had say many sentences and phrases that you can notice in the actual times, thanks

  6. Hello Tashi, You are making some very nice calligraphies. The short supplication prayer originally comes from a Short (Terma) Sadhana by Dudjom Lingpa. Best Wishes, A.