Tuesday, 30 August 2011

World Calligraphy

A detail from "The Heart of Emptiness" Tashi Mannox 2008.

The calligraphy traditions of the world are many, each with their own unique style and beauty. Historically calligraphy has documented the greatest knowledge and wisdoms of the world, preserved and treasured as illuminated manuscripts. 
In more resent times the calligraphy styles have developed into fonts, easily published; they have become powerful tools of communication in propaganda and prayers distributed as: 
"May peace prevail on Earth"

Learn Calligraphy of the world by Margaret Shepherd.

Margaret Shepherd a well-known calligraphy artist and prolific author of dozens of books on calligraphy and how to write masterfully. 
She has recently published another called "Learn World Calligraphy": an amply illustrated book that presents African, Arabic, Chinese, Ethiopic, Greek, Hebrew, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian, Russian, Thai and Tibetan calligraphy.
The above art piece called "The Heart of Emptiness" is among others of Tashi's works that are illustrated within the Tibetan Calligraphy section of the book.

The ‘written’ script represents a language, and a language represents thought. Therefore, one must be able to write a script that is understandable to all, that the meaning of the word is best honored as a beautiful art form called calligraphy. This is the integrity of the written language and the preservation of the knowledge that it upholds. Tashi Mannox 2011.


  1. Note: I have already sent this comment-question. But I forgot to click "notify me".

    The proper handwriting of the Heart Sutra has two circular strokes after "svaha" and before the "om"? Has the web with and without duias forms. The black and white does not have. What is right? Or both? (I do not understand Tibetan and my English is google. Sorry!) If you can answer me why I very much want to get a tattoo of it. Thank you!

  2. Ricardo....
    There are different variations of the Heart Sutra mantra depending on is origin. Personally, I have never seen a version with the two circles ofter "Swaha", unless the origin of this version is a terma:

    I would suggest that the version of this mantra here in the artwork of this blog post is not clear enough to correctly copy as a tattoo template.

    Here in the link is a clear version that is suitable for a tattoo design, you will have much more success with this version :

    This image can be purchased as a high resolution digital download that will print clearly for your tattoo.

    anymore help, please email me on