Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Threads of Awakening

Manjushri appliquéd in fine silks by Leslie Rinchen Wongmo.

In regard to the beautiful creation above, Leslie Rinchen Wongmo, master of Traditional Thangka appliqué quotes:

"Manjushri is the embodiment of all the buddhas’ wisdom. His flaming double-edged sword cuts through layers of misconception to discriminate clearly between the independent way things deceptively appear to exist and the interdependent way in with they actually arise. Resting on a lotus in his left hand is the text of the Perfection of Wisdom sutra, considered to be the Buddha’s most profound teaching on the ultimate nature of reality."

The Manjushri mantra om a ra pa tsa na dhi
in the High Uchen script with heading character.
Tashi Mannox 2011

Leslie recently posted a blog about her personal seal design she originally commissioned Tashi to create and tells the story of how she chanced on meeting Tashi, how he created her seal design that ten years on become the logo for her new website 'threads of awakening' showing her beautiful appliqué masterpieces. 

Leslie's personal seal meaning
Rinchen precious in the
Horyig seal script.

If you are interested in commissioning your own bespoke seal that can also be used as a logo, all that you need to know about seal design and how to order is clearly explained on the page link here:



  1. Beautiful work from Leslie, and a wonderful seal, Tashi!
    Love the addition of the sun/moon symbol and the lotus.
    What is the Tibetan form in red at the very end of this post? Curiosity is my downfall...
    Lauren x

  2. The small red syllable རྒྱ་ rgya at the end of this post is the Tibetan word 'to seal'

    This is traditionally used at the end of a manuscript to mark/seal the end.

    There are five types and ways in which a manuscript can be sealed depending on the content:

    1. Triple sealed commitment.
    2. Sealed as treasure.
    3. Sealed as concealed.
    4. Sealed as profound.
    5. Sealed as secret.

  3. Thank you so much, Tashi.
    I'm forever learning more from you and am so grateful that you're willing to share your knowledge with the world.