Thursday, 23 February 2012

Drawing Dragons

Good Wishes for the year of the Male Water Dragon 2012......

"According to the astrological qualities of the Males Water Dragon, this year is set to be a strong dynamic year of activity, though special attention is needed to not to let projects run out of control. Indeed the posting of my Losar Tibetan new year good wises to everybody is a day or two late because i simply did not have the time away from an already very busy schedule of exhibition dead-lines and commissions to be completed. 

The above drawing, is a study in preparation for a larger art piece of a 'water Dragon' that i plan to complete this year, but would have been nice if i had the chance to complete the piece in celebration of the Tibetan new tear.
The Eastern Dragon has been beautifully depicted over the centuries and differ stylistically from one country to another nation. This mythical beast representing wisdom and power of the elements; is full of symbolism and complex in iconography, that personally has always intrigued and challenged me to draw well."

-Tashi Mannox 23rd February 2012


  1. Hi, how can i get this image when its ready in JPG ou another format? I wanted see it when its finished, I want to make a tattoo maybe this dragon works, please email me, i may buy the digital imagem. Thanks.

    1. It will be a while yet before i complete this dragon, as it is planned to be a major art piece. Once it is completed, it will be professionally photographed and made available as limited edition prints.
      The photographs will also be available as a digital image for which a release fee is required if you wish a high resolution copy.
      As i cannot say at this point when the art piece will be finished, i would suggest you follow this blog by joining the blog on the lower right button here.

      with warm regards