Saturday, 11 February 2012

Printing black པར་ནག།

"Homage to Mahakala" now available as prints.

"homage to Mahakala" Ⓒ Tashi Mannox 2012

The Image of Mahakala the great black one, with his all seeing bulging eyes of the past, present and future, snarling and bearing teeth to bite trough ego clinging, is somewhat demon looking, though what Mahakala represents is the wrathful quality of compassion that is sometimes needed to cut through the more stubborn inner and outer obstacles, as we tread the precarious path to enlightenment. 

A protector of the Dharma, Mahakala is considered a manifestation of Buddha activity that as a Yidam practice transforms anger and hatred into lovingkindness and wisdom. For this reason it is especially practiced at the end of the old year, to chase away any old baggage and obstacles to clear a way for the new year. 

This particular image of Mahakala, bearing his name as his teeth, has been popular and admired by many who have asked its availability as a print. 

Tashi is pleased to say that after some very skillful photography by professional means, plus much attention and care to maintain the subtly of the multilayered effect of the black on black inks, that was previously not thought possible to replicate. It is now available to order a limited edition print of this iconic image.

To give the prints a special dimension, the eyes iris are hand gilded with 23.6ct red pure gold leaf, that illuminate and enrich the prints splendor.

The prints are limited to editions of 100 in three sizes:

- Large size of 67x50 cm, 26½"x19¾" inches @ £395 GBP
- Half size of 50x37.5 cm, 19¾"x14¾" inches @ £295 GBP
- Small size of 35x26 cm, 13¾"x10¼" inches @ £255 GBP

As reproductions are printed to order and hand finished, delivery of prints may take from 5 days to two weeks to arrive from the date of payment.
Additional Post and shipping costs may vary depending on where you are based in the world, please provide the address you wish the print to be sent to when contacting Tashi, so that the correct costs can be calculated and quoted.

Design originally by Tashi's master of art Sherab Palden.

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