Saturday, 24 November 2012

E.K. interviews Tashi Mannox

interviews Tashi Mannox

This summer, a friend visiting my home and studio brought with her a young Tibetan man who is currently studying architechture in London.  He was obviously moved by my Tibetan calligraphy art pieces that are about my home. I was astonished to learn from him that my work is much appreciated by the younger Tibetan communities in India and the West, who enjoy to up-load artworks onto their iPhones as screen savers etc.  When I asked why my work is so popular, he answered that for young Tibetans it gives them hope and appreciate the fact that their rich cultural heritage, such as calligraphy, has been brought into the modern world tastefully and not forgotten to the dust of time.

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  1. A really interesting interview. What an inspiring guy! So humble for someone who has had such an amazing and varied life.

    Please check out my writings on Tibetan buddhism