Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The Great Perfection རྫོགས་པ་ཆེན་པོ

The Great Perfection of 'Aa'. 57x76 cm, Black Chinese ink
on heavy water-colour paper.   Tashi Mannox 2012.

The central character illuminates white and resplendently pure among aura like swirls spinning from the blackness of limitless space.
As this is the root syllable ‘a’in the classical Uchen script, the last letter of the Tibetan alphabet, from which all other sounds are produced, it is considered essentially pure and stainless. It represents the ultimate true nature of mind, which is equaled in all beings, who are countless as all the stars of the universe.
The lower line of calligraphy in the Tibetan Petsug script translates as “The ultimate true nature of the uncontrived great perfection dzogchen that is embodied and expressed in the sound of the essential syllable ‘a’.”


The above art piece "The Great Perfection Aa" was especially created for the Sharjah Calligraphy Biennial April 2012, the exhibition called “Universe” hosts celebrated Islamic calligraphy artist along with a few international artist of other denominations. 

This image is now available as limited edition prints of three sizes:
Large size 57 x 60 cm or 22½" x 30" inches
Medium size 50 x37.5 cm or 19¾" x 14¾" inches
Small size 35 x 26 cm or 13¾" x 10¼" inches

The reproductions are premium-quality giclée printed, on a heavy weight museum conservation rag paper, ensuring stability and a colorfast longevity.

Each image is carefully colour matched and in sharpness to the original artwork. The prints are edition numbered and hand signed and stamped with the artists’ personal seals. 

To place a print order, please follow this link to the TashiMannox on-line store.

Constructing the art-piece,  January 2012.

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